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María Zazo

I’m a certified yoga teacher. My regular practice for some years was Asthanga Yoga, I practiced with different teachers and I participated in a workshop with Kino Macgregor, I’ve also practiced different types of yoga, among them, Vinyasa, Hatha, Aerial, Prenatal, and Iyengar yoga, and I’ve also practiced Low pressure fitness, because of that, I practice different styles depending on the day. I also love swimming (especially in the sea) and running.

I continue training through workshops, courses and retreats, with teachers and masters who inspire me. I enjoy attending yoga classes with different teachers because I always learn something new, enriching and improving my practice.

After over 20 years as Financial and Human Resources Director of a family company, I decided to leave a stable job in the corporate world to dedicate myself to teaching yoga, following my calling and a feeling inside of me, and up until today I don’t regret it.

I’m often asked what kind of yoga do I teach, and unless that specific class has its style defined, I like to define it as a fusion of different yoga styles that I adapt to every individual; everything that I learn I share it with my students. I teach yoga in my yoga studio in Palma de Mallorca, but I also teach private classes: in my yoga studio, at the student’s home, in companies, at other yoga studios, and outdoors: parks, urbanizations, at the beach…

I also practice and teach Low pressure fitness exercises, they fascinate me; these exercises have a well-deserved fame, which is why they sell themselves, just like yoga. The low pressure fitness (lowering the intraabdominal pressure) it’s called Uddiyana Bhanda in yoga (Uddiyana means “to fly, get elevated” and Bhanda “closing, subjection”). I used to practice them before getting pregnant and thanks to them I recovered quickly after having my daughter.

To me, the perfect fusion is to practice yoga in different styles including low pressure fitness, we call it HípopreYoga (the name is a fusion of Low pressure fitness in Spanish and Yoga).

I feel that this millenary discipline has a lot to offer to this modern society, and being a calling, what’s important to me is that people come and get to know this wonderful world called YOGA.

Continuous training

Therapeutical Yoga, imparted by Álex Monasterio, physiotherapist/osteopath, and Or Haleluiya therapeutical yoga teacher, they’re both in the AEYT (Spanish therapeutical yoga association). Barcelona and Madrid.

Yoga in Family and Pregnancy, imparted by Tere Puig trainer and teacher of yoga for pregnancy and parenting, author of the book “Una mirada yóguica al embarazo” (“A yogic look at pregnancy”). Alicante.

Singing Tibetan Bowls, imparted by Rafael Monsonís, specialized in therapies and sessions of sounds combining the harmonious singing with ancestral instruments such as the singing tibetan bowls, gongs, shamanic drums or the ocean drum. Valencia.

Yoga Teacher, imparted by Marisol Melián  and José Fco. Argente Sánchez, 500 hours of training recognized by the A.E.P.Y and the U.E.Y. Palma de Mallorca and Manacor.

Aerial Yoga, training imparted by Arúl, Integral Yoga Teacher specialized in Air-Aerial Soham. Certificate issued by the Witryh Association “Escuela de Yoga” and Yoga Soham. Manacor.

Doula, trained at Doulas Mam, course imparted by Cris, Lucía and Magda, with many other collaborators who are professionals in this area. Mallorca.

First and second degree Reiki Usui – Japanese. Spanish Reiki Alliance. Imparted by Gabriel. Mallorca.

First and second courses of  Zen. Imparted by Suzanne Powell. Vigo.

Low pressure Fitness, Workshop in Low pressure fitness imparted by Piti Pinsach and another one by Igor Gutiérrez. My Yoga teacher training thesis was on “Yoga and Low Pressure Fitness” assessed by Piti Pinsach, Igor Gutiérrez and Tamara Rial;  they provided me with plenty of information. Thank you Low Pressure Fitness. Palma de Mallorca.

Contemporary dance. Imparted by Mireia at Escuela de Danza 9 Espai Escenic. Palma de Mallorca.